The Golden-i Smart Screen

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The Golden-i Smart Screen: Simplified AR For Enterprise Level Clients

A Second Screen Now That Is Smart

It’s Time To Retire The Tablet & Get The Golden-i Smart-Screen For Your Workforce. 

Enterprise workers need to keep their hands free to work on the task at hand. With Golden-i Infinity, technicians no longer need to interrupt their work whenever they need to interact with their external device to complete their job. 

The Golden-i Infinity Smart Screen can be used with almost ANY set safety glasses or eyewear and is compatible with Android & Win10 host devices with USB Type -c, Connector.

Key Implementation Benefits Of Golden-i

  • Improved worker productivity & reduced production costs
  • Cross geographical collaboration
  • Stronger retention rates.
  • Increased efficiencies, productivity & accuracy by reducing time spent accessing and cross-checking data, or consulting with teammates for advice; reducing the risk of error, injury, or fatigue.
  • Workers can go from downward facing on a phone/tablet/laptop/handheld to forward facing thru a set of safety glasses outfitted with Golden-i Infinity.
  • Reduce work-related errors and miscalculations.
  • Reduce time for completing complex tasks
  • Make supply chain management faster and more cost-effective
  • Reduces the need for multiple devices such as tablets, scanners and other handheld devices needed to perform simple and complex work tasks
  • Gives workers hands-free access to information by overlaying instructions, maps, system information, or real-time feedback

Technical Features Of Golden-i Infinity

  • Modular – clips onto ANY set of eyewear and Safety Glasses.
  • Compatible with Android & Win10 host devices
  • Golden-i Infinity utilizes the host device’s processor, modem, battery, security, and software.
  • Supports gesture & voice control, No touching, swiping or tapping required to navigate its user interface.

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