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You Think Your Employees WANT to Wear That Device? Think Again

You’ve probably seen augmented reality (AR) smart glasses in a “Mission Impossible” movie, or at a trade show. Maybe a friend has told you they are revolutionizing work processes for line workers in aviation, auto, medicine or manufacturing. There are certainly plenty of versions available, from top brands in the industry who’ve all found different ways to

Kopin’s Golden-i Infinity Is What Google Glass Was Supposed To Be June 12, 2018

If you cover a particular area in tech long enough, you develop certain pet peeves, and one of mine happens to be devices that attempt to keep us wed to the Google Glass style of augmented reality. And while I remain mostly uninterested in such devices, one of these products recently earned my admiration and might work

A Conversation with Marc Reece Live at AWE2018 June 1, 2018

Marc Reece is Director of Digital Product Marketing For Golden-i Infinity Smart Screen and a detailed data-driven Digital Marketing Strategist with an established background in tactical sales and growth driven digital marketing initiatives. Kopin is demonstrating, Golden-I, the industry’s first future-proof, modular, assisted reality wearable

Golden-i Infinity Featured On VR Focus June 2, 2018

Kopin Reveal The Golden-I Infinity; A Voice-Controlled AR Headset Powered By Your Phone The manufacturer of microdisplays and smart glasses components, Kopin, have announced a new augmented reality (AR) device that runs of a mobile device and is able to be voice controlled, attaching to any suitable glasses. Dubbed the Kopin Golden-i Infinity, the smart screen

Golden-i Infinity Featured On May 31,2018

Kopin’s Golden-i AR glasses are powered entirely by your phone Kopin, one of the biggest AR players out there, has revealed a new smartglass display. But unlike similar head-up displays that do all the heavy lifting on the head, Kopin’s Golden-i Infinity glasses outsource most of the work to a paired smartphone. The result is

Golden-i Infinity Featured On CNET May 31,2018

This Tiny Voice-Controlled AR Headset Runs Off Your Phone Kopin’s Golden-i Infinity is like a mini USB-C Google Glass for enterprise. Is it better to have a self-contained pair of smart glasses or something that simply uses your phone to do the heavy lifting and battery power? Kopin, a manufacturer of microdisplays and smart glasses components, is

Golden-i Infinity Featured On tom’s HARDWARE May 31,2018

Kopin’s Golden-i Infinity Is A Wearable Display For Smartphones + Tablets Kopin today introduced the Golden-I Infinity smart screen, a voice and gesture-controlled wearable device that works with Android and Windows 10 devices. The Kopin Golden-I Infinity smart screen is an enterprise level device at a price point that would be attainable for smaller companies.

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