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Jeffery Jacobsen

Jeffery Jacobsen

Chief Architect

Jeffrey Jacobsen is the Chief Architect of Golden-i wearable technologies and Sr. Advisor to the CEO & Chairman of Kopin Corporation.In 1990, as a Sr. V.P. of Kopin Corporation, Jacobsen initiated DOD and DARPA’s involvement in head-mounted and body-worn solid state micro-display mobile computing and communication systems.

Since 1992, Kopin has become the world’s largest and most successful micro-display and component manufacture for near-eye and head-worn systems. In 2007, Jacobsen assembled a multi-national product development team to develop Golden-i, the world’s highest performance, lightweight “Hands-Free” wireless headset and safety glasses for improving performance, safety, and security for enterprise-level customers.

Today, Jacobsen continues to develop, refine and integrate advanced mobile communications and computing for head-worn solutions, enhanced natural speech, active noise cancellation, gesture control, synthetic vision, situational awareness and augmented reality instruction for enterprise and consumer applications like Golden-i Infinity.

Jacobsen received a BBA from the University of Texas at Austin and presently holds more than 130 fundamental patents.

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