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The Golden-i ® Infinity Smart Screen


Golden-i Infinity Keeps Their Hands On Their Job Not Their Device

Transportation repair professionals can keep their eyes on the actual repair instead of on their manuals or other devices with Golden-i. Not every technician is expected to remember how to repair every breakdown, so the ability to call up repair manuals and zoom in/out while still using both hands on the repair is a big time saving and will maximize your ROI.

The Implementation Benefits 

  • Comfortable to wear for extended periods or shifts, weighing less than 2 ounces.
  • Can be used on the right or left eye.
  • Golden-i Infinity unique mounting design affords it to be fitted to any kind of eyewear.
  • Can be easily attached or detached to any pair of safety glasses or everyday eyewear via Golden-i Infinity’s versatile magnetic bracket(s).
  • Engineered to be “Enterprise Rugged” For use In Virtually Any Environment.
  • Since Golden-i Infinity is a smart screen, not a wearable computer, there is no IT involvement or network integration required.
  • Because Golden-i Infinity has no internal processor or memory, it can never be hacked or compromised.
  • Golden-i Infinity is voice activated, and gesture controlled, No touching or swiping required for most applications. 
  • Golden-i Infinity utilizes the brightest micro-display Kopin offers, making it clearly readable in the brightest environments.
  • Engineered with Corning Gorilla Glass for long-lasting durability in dirty industrial environments.
  • Train staff at a lower cost and reduced risk.
  • Reduce errors and miscalculations.
  • Reduces the need for multiple mobile computing devices and other handheld devices needed to perform simple and complex work tasks.
  • Gives workers hands-free access to information by overlaying instructions, maps, system information, or real-time feedback.

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With Golden-i Infinity:

Access documents and training manuals on-the-job, communicate remotely and stay heads up while you’re working with Golden-i Infinity. Golden-i Infinity connects directly to an Android or Win10 host device with a USB Type-C connector. It’s time to work smarter, by streamlining your mobile computing devices. Pick up Golden-i Infinity today!

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