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The Golden-i ® Infinity Smart Screen


The Golden-i ® Infinity Smart Screen Designed for The Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing facilities are becoming “smarter” when it comes to implementing automation and technology in their facility. The Golden-i Infinity Smart-Screen can keep your workers productive, efficient and safe. When your workers are equipped with Golden-i Infinity, they can stay focused on their job, not their device.

Benefits Of A Golden-i Empowered Workforce:

  • Workers on the factory floor have real-time access to essential information, including production schedules, maintenance records, parts inventory and other systems information without ever leaving their workstations
  • Built-in 13 MP camera, allows workers to perform and record inspections, test equipment and make sure everything is functioning correctly
  • Increases worker efficiencies, productivity and accuracy by reducing time spent accessing and cross-checking data, or consulting with teammates for advice
  • Minimizes the risk of error, injury, or fatigue
  • Allows teams to train staff at a lower cost and reduced risk
  • Reduces the probability of errors and miscalculations
  • Reduces time required for completing complex tasks
  • Facilities cross geographical collaboration in real-time
  • Reduces the need for multiple mobile computing devices to perform tasks
  • Gives workers hands-free access to information, instructions, maps, system information and/or real-time feedback

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With Golden-i Infinity:

Access documents and training manuals on-the-job, communicate remotely and stay heads up while you’re working with Golden-i Infinity. Golden-i Infinity connects directly to an Android or Win10 host device with a USB Type-C connector. It’s time to work smarter, by streamlining your mobile computing devices. Pick up Golden-i Infinity today!

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