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The Evolution of Golden-i ® Infinity 

From Technology To Product

Human Ergonomics First, Technology Second

For nearly three decades, Kopin’s scientists and engineers have created innovative technologies like the Golden-i Infinity Smart Screen that enhance the way people see, hear, and communicate.

Kopin has a long history of developing technologies for wearable computing headsets & technology for the United States Military, consumers, and enterprise markets.

Kopin’s wearable technology development started in the 1990’s with a 50-million-dollar grant from DARPA (The Defense Advanced Research Product Agency) which helped pioneer the way for the wearable technology that we know today, including augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) headsets.

In 2009, a team of visionaries, led by chief system architect Jeffery Jacobsen, engineered the technology known as Golden-i.  The goal of Golden-i was to enhance the way people interact with technology and provide spontaneous access to virtually limitless information around the globe in real-time, along with aiding in productivity, efficiency, and safety in a work environment.

At that time the Golden-i platform consisted of multiple mobile wireless wearable headset computers operated by voice commands and head movements. It also utilized a speech-controlled user interface and head-tracking functionality which enabled users to carry out common computer functions without having to touch their device, keeping their hands free.

The original Golden-i design provided users instantaneous access to digital information, broadcast programming, and internet services, including real-time, full-color, high-resolution video streaming over standard Bluetooth.

Since 2009, Golden-i technology has evolved from a platform/technology into a wearable finished goods product designed for enterprise-level clients. The Golden-i Infinity Smart Screen is the world’s first modular, wearable smart screen that works with Android or Win10 host devices.

Today the Golden-i Infinity team operates as an independent operating group within Kopin lead by wearable computing visionary Jeff Jacobsen, who originally architected Golden-i technology and is overseen by enterprise computing executive Mike McMahon, along with a team of wearable technology experts.

Kopin’s disruptive award-winning mobile technologies are paving the way for future generations of wearables while continuing to revolutionize the way people see, hear and communicate today and in the future.

The Golden-i Infinity Smart Screen will be sold exclusively through professional IT VAR channel.


With Golden-i Infinity:

Access documents and training manuals on-the-job, communicate remotely and stay heads up while you’re working with Golden-i Infinity. Golden-i Infinity connects directly to an Android or Win10 host device with a USB Type-C connector. It’s time to work smarter, by streamlining your mobile computing devices. Pick up Golden-i Infinity today!

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