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Marc Reece Interviews Angelo Stracquatanio Co-Founder & CEO – Apprentice

In this interview Angelo and I discuss how AR is transforming the way people work, the challenges that organizations face when trying to pilot and deploy an AR solution, avoiding pilot purgatory, and how Pokémon Go influenced Enterprise AR.

Apprentice is a company that empowers scientists, engineers and manufacturers to create meaningful research and lifesaving product development with the help of augmented reality.

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CASE STUDY: Golden-i Infinity Remote Guidance For HVAC & Field Service Technicians

The Golden-i Infinity Smart-Screen is a lightweight, plug-and-play mobile computing device engineered to help field service workers stay connected to their back office and be more productive and efficient while performing each job. From reviewing technical drawings to real-time chat with a subject matter expert (SME), The Golden-i Infinity Smart-Screen will assist workers in the field in getting their jobs done more efficiently.

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