The Golden-i Infinity Smart Screen Named A CES® 2019 Innovation Awards Honoree!

The Golden-i Infinity Smart Screen has been named a CES® 2019 Innovation Awards Honoree in the category of virtual & augmented reality. The CES Innovation Awards program celebrates outstanding product design and engineering in brand-new consumer technology products in 28 award categories.

Unlike other wearable AR products in the marketplace, Golden-i Infinity is unique because it acts as an accessory for a mobile phone or Windows laptop and harnesses that device’s computing power and storage – so Infinity is incredibly lightweight, tiny, low cost, and easy to develop for.


Golden-i Infinity weighs less than a golf ball, just as rugged and is about the size of a Bluetooth headset, yet delivers incredible power for field workers.

Designed to serve the needs of field workers in a variety of different industries, Golden-i Infinity is the first voice and gesture-controlled wearable smart screen device that supports Android and Windows 10-based computing solutions.

Golden-i Infinity adds a smart head-worn display and hands-free voice control to smartphones and mobile PCs for improved worker productivity and efficiency.

The Golden-i infinity Smart Screen:

  • Requires Minimal IT Support: The Processor, Battery, Storage, Radios, applications and other technology all reside on the host device. Infinity simply serves as an extension of systems already approved by IT and deployed to the workforce.
  • Works Out of the Box with Most Enterprise Apps: IT departments need not worry about having to have enterprise-specific software rewritten to support Infinity.
  • Works in Even the Most Unforgiving Environments: No matter how loud a work environment may be, Infinity is equipped with Kopin’s Whisper® technology that allows workers to hear and be heard clearly — keeping hands free to perform the work. Infinity also utilizes Whisper’s active crosstalk elimination, so it hears only speech from the wearer. Infinity’s microdisplay is the brightest microdisplay offered by Kopin, which allows the screen to be viewed clearly, in perfect detail, even in harsh sunlight.
  • Works with All Eyewear: Infinity boasts the industry’s most innovative mounting solution that allows it to work with all types of eyewear, and can be used with the left or right eye. Its strong magnetic attachment bracket allows it to be quickly and easily shared among multiple employees/shifts.

Interested In Evaluating The Golden-i Infinity Smart Screen In Your Organization? 

If you believe that your organization would benefit from the Golden-infinity Smart Screen you can enroll is our no cost evaluation program.

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Golden-i Infinity increases worker productivity improves worker efficiency and reduces work-related errors; providing users an unparalleled “Hands-Free” mobile computing solution.

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