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The Golden-i ® Infinity Smart Screen

Kopin Just Revolutionized SMART!

The Golden-i Infinity Smart-Screen: Named A CES® 2019 Innovation Awards Honoree – READ MORE!

The Golden-i Infinity Smart Screen Evaluation Program

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  • Have access to the Golden-i Infinity SDK for application customization & development

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What Sets Golden-i Infinity Apart?

Reason one

Golden-i Infinity doesn’t require any touching, tapping or swiping. Out of the box, it comes with a built-in noise robust speech recognition user interface. With simple commands, users can access schematics in manufacturing, view repair documents, collaborate with remote experts, and more.

Reason two

Golden-i Infinity supports many applications, including POV Camera, Barcode Reader, ZOOM Video Conferencing, Media Gallery, Media Player/Recorder, Voice Dictation, Text Messaging, Report and Form Completion, Language Translation, and more.

Still not convinced? Here is another one:

Reason three

Kopin’s innovative patent-pending user interface software enables Golden-i Infinity to work with existing applications, so new users don’t have to relearn the software they already know how to use. 

Golden-i Infinity Smart Screen Remote Expert Field Service Case Study

We asked an experienced two HVAC technicians to test out the remote guidance capabilities of the Golden-i Infinity Smart Screen on a live service call. Watch Now!


With Golden-i Infinity:

Access documents and training manuals on-the-job, communicate remotely and stay heads up while you’re working with Golden-i Infinity. Golden-i Infinity connects directly to an Android or Win10 host device with a USB Type-C connector. It’s time to work smarter, by streamlining your mobile computing devices. Pick up Golden-i Infinity today!

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