Introducing Golden-iTM Infinity, The World’s First Modular, Wearable Smart Screen That Works with Android or Win10 Host Devices. Kopin Just Revolutionized SMART!

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The Golden-i Infinity Smart Screen Was Named A CES® 2019 Innovation Awards Honoree (Virtual & Augmented Reality) READ MORE!

The Next Generation of Smart Wearable Technology from Kopin Has Arrived. Golden-i Infinity Prioritizes Human Ergonomics First, Technology Second!

The Golden-i Infinity Smart Screen is a voice-controlled and gesture-enabled smart-screen (coupled with Augmented Reality technology) that increases worker productivity, improves worker efficiency and reduces work-related errors. Golden-i Infinity provides users an unparalleled “Hands-Free” mobile computing solution.


Golden-iTM Infinity Simplifies AR For Enterprise Level Customers.

For over 30 years Kopin has been at the forefront of wearable display solutions, developing advanced technologies required for wearable computing headsets for the military, consumers, and enterprise. Golden-i Infinity is a voice-controlled and gesture-enabled smart-screen, engineered with Kopin’s patented core technologies (e.g., speech recognition, noise cancellation, head-gesture tracking, and advanced user interface controls) for enterprise clients looking to invest in a wearable computing solution.

Golden-i Infinity increases worker productivity, improves worker efficiency and reduces work-related errors – providing users an unparalleled “Hands-Free” mobile computing solution.

Golden-i Infinity Smart Screen Remote Expert Field Service Case Study

We asked an experienced HVAC tech and his technician to test out the remote guidance capabilities of the Golden-i Infinity Smart Screen on a live service call. Watch Now!


What Sets Golden-i Infinity Apart?

Golden-i Infinity doesn’t require any touching, tapping or swiping. Out of the box, it comes with a built-in noise robust speech recognition user interface. With simple commands, users can access schematics in manufacturing, view repair documents, collaborate with remote experts, and more.

Kopin’s innovative patent-pending user interface software enables Golden-i Infinity to work with existing applications, so new users don’t have to relearn the software they already know how to use. Golden-i Infinity supports many applications, including POV Camera, Barcode Reader, ZOOM Video Conferencing, Media Gallery, Media Player/Recorder, Voice Dictation, Text Messaging, Report and Form Completion, Language Translation, and more.

Golden-i Infinity is the ideal wearable display platform for field service technicians, warehousing, manufacturing, the public sector, transportation, and utilities.

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From inventory control management to picking, packing, and order fulfillment, Golden-i Infinity will help your warehouse staff become more productive and efficient. An improved process and workflow are just the beginning.


Golden-i Infinity provides hands-free access to training materials, remote guidance, schematics and real-time inventory control on parts and supplies to help workers complete their jobs with more precision and efficiency.

Field Service

Field service technicians can communicate remotely with supervisors, receive instructions, diagnose technical problems and provide better support during every service call more efficiently and completely hands-free.

Public Sector

When equipped with The Golden-i Infinity Smart Screen, police, fire, and EMS personnel can communicate with supervisors and critical response teams, as well as receive guidance in real-time.


Golden-i Infinity gives transportation professionals direct access to logistics and warehousing data, maintenance records, real-time order tracking, enhanced directions and remote guidance in real-time.

Utility / Energy

Utility workers can maintain access to instruction manuals, electric grid layouts, and other important materials without having to go back to the ground while complying with all safety & regulatory standards.

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